The New Student Body – The Student Corps.

Bladins experienced a notable change last semester when the school transitioned from having a student council to instating a pupil run student body. Student bodies are societies governed separately from the school that welcome all students whilst student councils are closely connected to school management and only a small amount of students are allowed to participate. Following in the footsteps of schools such as ProCivitas and Malmö Borgarskola, Bladins now upholds a student institution that gives students complete freedom in their actions.

On May 27th, the first ever student body was instated which followed with Claudio Virgili and Jens Munkeby being elected student body presidents. Both are Social Science students now entering their second year. The rest of the board is comprised of Josef Novak, Amanda Larsen, Jennifer Jarl, Johan Lindén and Kajsa Johansson. In their first meeting held June 3rd, Larsen was positioned as secretary, Jarl as treasurer and Johan Lindén and Kajsa Johansson were given the responsibility of student body clubs.

Many things have been brought up in the board during the summer and board member Johan Lindén was glad to answer some questions about the current status of the student body.



What has been going on in the summer? During the summer we have had a couple of meetings where we discussed the upcoming semester and established some fundamental things. We have met with our auditor and our contact in SECO and we are well prepared and ready for the upcoming semester!

Have you already brainstormed any ideas/events for the coming year? In the minutes that were sent out from the last meeting, it was stated that you were aiming for some football tournaments. Could you elaborate on that? Yes, we have brainstormed a lot during our meetings. We all have a lot of different ideas and some are likely and some are not. The Football tournament is an idea that has been discussed with some of the other schools in the Malmö area. We didn’t have time to put the idea into reality before the break but hopefully we’ll be able to achieve it during this semester.

How is the cooperation going with the other board members? The cooperation so far has been nothing but great. Everyone on the board is very professional and we are all working together as one. Of course, we have had some arguments but that’s just natural when seven strong-minded people discuss something.


What can students expect from this year? Hopefully the students can expect a year with a lot of events, activities, clubs and fun. We will do our very best to get everyone involved in the student body’s activities and show that everyone can put their ideas into reality.

What is most important about this year’s student body to you? The most important thing for me would be to get every single student in the school involved. I want people to understand that even if they’re not part of the board they can still create events and activities inside the student body. By being a part of the student body, you are free to do whatever activity you are interested in or start a club for people with your specific interest. The board is not supposed to do everything; it’s the students of the school. I’m really looking forward to this upcoming year and I think it will be very eventful and fun!

The outlook of this year’s student body seems agreeable in terms of ideas and willpower. A source tells this paper, however, that an underlying problem lies in the presidents, who although bursting with likely ideas, seem to possess a slight problem of lazinesss.  This has yet to be proved and all the same, this year will be the ultimate test as Claudio Virgili and Jens Munkeby are under extreme pressure to execute the perfect year that the student body concept embodies.

/Melyssa Cruz



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