A potential police report and a whole lot of burgers – Key events from a notorious Inspark.

Alexander Steinlechner & Jesper Sjödahl going wild to Wu-Tang Clan. Photo: Julia Dahlgren


–   The Beach Boys’ “I Get Around” blasts on speakers as second graders, third graders and a mix of fjortisar, cowboys & indians, superheroes, transvestites, santa clauses and pirates assemble on the grass at Mölleplatsen.

–   A group of first year girls huddle behind the windmill before revealing the transvestites’ ace of spades, a guy wearing a long-haired black wig, a grey dress, red stockings and in true team spirit, fake breasts and a black mole on his left cheek.

–   In a spur of madness, chocolate milk is enjoyed from plastic Winnie the Pooh cups as mysterious liquids are carried around in metal flasks.

–   The first years are sent off, eagerly heading into town. Shortly after, the so-called “devils” frantically call all team leaders, desperate to know all of the teams’ locations. Sabotaging the first years’ pursuits doesn’t come that easily, after all.

–   In an extremely professional manner, the music is stopped abruptly and it is announced that two students are making a McDonalds run. Thus ensues the frenzied order of cheeseburgers, fries and cokes along with the disappointed sighs of teens who wanted McFlurries but figured a melted ice cream on a cold September evening might not be the wisest choice.

–   Shouts and laughter fill the air as news spreads that the Santa Clauses have executed one of their hardest tasks; Walk into Burger King, order a burger, look through it, yell “I WANTED IT WITHOUT A PICKLE” and finally, throw the burger into the unfortunate employee’s face. A police report soon followed.

–   Half an hour before the teams are due back at Mölleplatsen, an Apoteket bag is passed around. Amusement is expressed from whoever looks inside which is a sign if any that the prize has arrived.

–   The teams return and their points are instantly counted by their leaders. Videos of their exploits are passed around, one highlight being a transvestite walking up to an unsuspecting man who, with his girlfriend at his side, was subjected to the following pick-up line; It takes 134 minutes of active sex to burn all the calories from a bag of chips. I just ate five. What are you doing tonight?

Congratulations to the Cowboys & Indians, who after noble and daring efforts had the immense honor to win Bladins’ Inspark committee’s acclaimed prize: 20 bags of chewing gum and a lifelong supply of Bladins pens.

/Melyssa Cruz


6 reaktioner på ”A potential police report and a whole lot of burgers – Key events from a notorious Inspark.

  1. Haha, enjoyed reading this!
    Two things tho;
    We never played ‘Barbara Ann’. The Beach Boys song you’re after is called ”I Get Around”.
    No police report got filed. There were rumours about it and there were talks about it, but we managed to avoid it.


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