Good Robin Williams Films

If there is one film that the children of our generation relate to Robin Williams, it’s “Flubber” – the 1997 Disney Film about Professor Philip Brainard (Robin Williams) who tries to create a new energy source to save the college where he’s employed from closure, but instead of a new energy source accidently creates a green matter with the personality of an ADHD teenager on crack – Flubber. This leads to many “comical” situations and “unforgettable” scenes. Surprisingly, the movie received poor reviews. 

The message I would like to send out with this article is that everything that Robin Williams has been involved in does not follow the same standards as “Flubber”, but actually quite the opposite; I here present eleven Good Robin Williams Films.

In chronological order:

1. The World According to Garp

2. Good Morning Vietnam        

3. Dead Poets Society

4. The Fisher King 

5. Toys

6. Mrs. Doubtfire

7. Jumanji

8. Good Will Hunting

9. Bicentennial Man

10. Insomnia

11. One Hour Photo

Food for thought…

/Jesper Sjödahl


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