Im too controversial to “Twitter” – A lesson in racism, obscenity, political correctness, and social perceptions in general.

During the summer of 2010 I,  along with a few of my close friends decided to take a trip to the city of Gothenburg to experience what by most standards is considered to be one of the best musical festivals within Europe – Way Out West. The Way Out West festival is separated into two vital divisions. The first is the actual festival which is comprised of three large outdoor venues in an enclosed area within a large park in Gothenburg. This area plays host to the main acts of the festival which are several musical heavy hitters arguably representing the full spectrum of modern music. The latter of these two major factions was aptly designated Stay Out West which incorporated several venues throughout central Gothenburg that were temporarily converted into night club style settings to accommodate the musical styling’s of more alternative artists (DJ’s and other artists that were more fit to play in clubs).

Now before we had actually embarked on this four day adventure, one of the more proactive of our friends had held true to his longstanding reputation by contacting the organizers of this event and by some form of what in my opinion was “bullshit persuasion” had managed to acquire what was by all standards a meaningless and remedial job that could be performed by an invalid that has moderate to decent control of his bowels and limbs. The offer at hand was to “twitter” at the festival in exchange for a telephone by which this “tweeting” would be achieved as well as reimbursement for the cost of festival admission. Now for those of you that aren’t aware of what “twitter” is you wouldn’t be too surprised to find out that it is another internet based populist technological movement. Twitter is a website that bases itself off putting in “tweets” which are small messages that you are supposed to deliver at relative intervals during the day so that people know what’s going on in your life. In this case my friend was to act as a representative of the festival and therefore “tweet” on their behalf.

Considering that this “job” did give certain benefits which were appealing to me, being the opportunist that I am attempted to coerce him into fixing something like it for me. Being the friend that he is he heard me out and wanted to see if I would be capable of handling this simple task. The main problem that was that you as a “tweeter” are forced to “tweet” in Swedish so he wondered If I was capable of doing this. He informed me that the common “tweet” was basically to talk about the size of the line and the atmosphere within the event. I saw this common information as boring and meaningless but nevertheless I gave him an honest example of what my “tweets” would look like, following are some example:

–          Sparkade på en siguenare utanför klubben… FEZT!

–          Steg upp på scenen och skrek ”NEGER” så högt jag kunde och ingen märkte, VILL. BARA. DÖ.

–          Såg en vit tjej med en svart kille som dansade tilsammans och tycker att deras mulattbebisar hade varit skit söta.

–          Knullade en tjockis på tjej toan, fidda som fidda…

–          Fan va judiska tjejer har fina rövar?

To say that these examples worried my friend would be a considerable understatement and no wonder. By any social standards in the world today these statements would be outrageous and completely unacceptable not to mention the fact that by my own admission my written Swedish is atrocious in any and all contexts.

In all fairness I would like to point out that these suggestions were delivered in their entirety for comedic effect but my friend’s outrage was what led me to write this article, but I digress. To be blunt I would consider it a fact that the concepts of racism, and political correctness have gone wildly out of control in today’s world.

We as a people live in the midst of a world containing wild inconsistencies and contradictions. The United States of America has recently elected a president that isn’t Caucasian… Meanwhile in Europe we are witnessing an exponential increase of far right and arguably “racist” parties come into power. Honestly, I’m confused. Why are these contradictions present? It is no secret that everyone is different. We have Whites, Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and cute little mixed race babies that you could metaphorically eat up like an ice cream sundae. With all these subdivisions you would have to be either an idiot or some form of hippie extremist (idiot) to not be aware of the fact that with all these subdivisions come unavoidable differences. And here in lies the everlasting problem.

The human history has had so many issues, predicaments, and complications that have stemmed from racial differences that we don’t know what do with ourselves. Out of these problems we have had several negative results, racism being one of them, but there is one that beats them all and that is the marvelous pillar of human stupidity that is so rightfully known as Political Correctness. Political Correctness is clinically defined as a term which denotes language, ideas, policies, and behavior seen as seeking to minimize social and institutional offense in occupational, gender, racial, cultural, sexual orientation, disability, and age-related contexts. If this doesn’t make any sense to you then you should know that it basically means that you can’t say anything about anyone that is different than you regardless of the difference.

If you would ask me I would say that racism and mainly political correctness are some of the gravest problems facing our world today. This might simply be due to my less than fortunate treatments of the concepts but, never the less that is how I feel. I believe that I can say that I am one of the few people I know that still attempts to defy these rules today simply due to their absurdity. It is without a doubt naïve to refuse to acknowledge and accept the differences between races. Yet we continue to follow this socially acceptable mantra. When faced with this looming problem one must ask oneself: Why don’t we simply accept the fact that there are differences and use these said differences to our advantage? But it appears to be a mystery still and most likely a mystery for ages to come.

Like most instances it really hasn’t passed over until you can eventually joke and laugh about them. Which is why despite the usual avocation of common sense I would like to urge those who read this to push the proverbial envelope. Make a joke or two barring certain exigent circumstances.


Picture via: Momo Propaganda

/Alexander Steinlechner



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