The rebirth

Hello. We are the Bladins Times. You have most likely never heard of us, so let us tell you about the paper you are reading. The Bladins Times was an active paper back in the golden days (2010-2011) when three young men created the paper. Together they wrote about the school and other important issues (like how to make the perfect cup of coffee, which has saved many of our mornings) and the paper flourished. After a year the time had come for a new group of ambitious students to take over the honor running this goldmine. The new board set off with a vision of making the Bladins Times bigger and better. Sadly, this never happened.

After a month or two, the typical mountains of homework and tests overshadowed many of the oh-so-brilliant plans, and left only a shadow of what was intended. The time and energy to sit down, write and plan for something that did not affect your grades in anyway had disappeared. The paper began to suffer from a slow death and it had been both forgotten and surrendered. Until now (please read this with an action movie kind-of-voice). The former new board has passed over the paper to us. We are the even newer board of the Bladins Times and we will give this paper a resurrection, a rebirth if you will. The new board behind the up-coming rebirth is made up by four Social Science ladies. We will hopefully give you an outstanding school paper and we suggest you to keep track of our website. Let us have an amazing year and do not let the homework-mountain kill you.

Sincerely, the even newer Bladins Times.



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