The Debute – Johanna Persson

My desirable destination after a slightly draining day at work was a brief tarriance at the local thrift store. To no one’s surprise, I was aimlessly moving further and further away from earthly actuality – yes, I was piercing through the world of reveries and daydreams – and as a moderately tragic result, I missed my bus stop.

This unfavorable turn-out made me walk the distance instead of passively contributing to the bus exhaust causing a hastening of the global warming or something similar. As I reached the bus stop I was originally indicated to approach, I saw something you definitely do not witness everyday. An older lady in her seventies was running – without a crutching walker I should add – to loom up with the approaching bus. In the literal heat of the moment, she fell straight on her face in the middle of the metropolitan flagstone.

Like any other instinctive human being would, I ran over there to help her, and first and foremost, check if she was competent of standing up again. To my allayment, the old lady was up on her tootsies again within two red seconds. As she thanked me for “ballyhooing” in a time of need, the old lady walked towards the bus station while gingerly looking around just to make sure no one witnessed the utterly abashing incident.

I simply could not stop myself from querying our Swedish, if not even cosmically worldwide, attitude in relation to these similar occurences.

Why is it that our first kneejerk after falling or wobbling in public is a winged look around just to make sure no one was to catch a glimpse of the horde of awkwardness? Shouldn’t our first human reaction be a reality-check in forms of making sure that you weren’t bruised while hitting the concrete pavement or alabaster floor?

No, seemingly this is not the case. The valued public perception of us is a lot more cardinal than our personal well-being. No wonder that there are monstrously discharged wars and nonsensical mass executions shaking the barriers of our earth at this very moment. We are in a crucially vast need of aligning our priorities straight. The “first-things-first” bulletin of a modern 21th century individual needs be whipped into shape.

Next time I awkwardly stumble in bright daylight out on the town, which will probably be sooner rather than later, I’ll definitely make a pass at not being ashamed but on the contrary try to be a little more concerned about my possible limping following the rest of the week.

I earnestly hope you will too.


Johanna Persson



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