The month of the hairy men

Everyone knows by now that October is breast cancer month. Everyone walks around with their pink ribbons in support of breast cancer victims with several companies and organizations hosting large donation drives and doing their part to help. This is of course wonderful that a whole month is dedicated to providing hefty amounts of financial aid to researchers that are desperately trying to find a cure for such a plague that takes a countless number of casualties every year. What people forget or perhaps don’t even know about is that the following month, November, is Movember or No- Shave-November depending on what you want to do, is the month for prostate cancer!
This is how it works. Men from all over the world can choose to either participate in one of the two things mentioned above; Movember or No-Shave-November…

Movember (a portmanteau of Mustache and November) entails that you grow nothing but a well trimmed mustache for the month. Those are the rules. Mustache only, no beard or goatees. You end up getting a fair share of Trucker staches, Einstein staches and french douchebag staches (and then there’s of course the idiots who think it’s funny to rock the Hitler stache but it’s really not.) You can sign up at their official site, http://, where they have official campaigns in 21 different countries including Sweden. The whole point is to raise awareness to prostate cancer and other male health care initiatives. This way your face is literally a walking advertisement yet in an innovative and fun way. There, you can check out how other “Mo Bros” and “Mo Sistas” are doing as they like to call them. I suppose having a website solely for men to raise money would be deemed sexist by some feminist group so they have Mo Sistas as well… not that they can grow mustaches or anything but ya, whatevs. You can also get loads of information about where the money goes and how, why and where the idea started amongst other things. You can also find alarming facts like;

  • On average, 1 man dies every 4 hours of prostate cancer in Sweden
  • Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men in Sweden
  • In Sweden, 10,000 men are diagnosed every year, this is the equivalent of more than 25 men per day
  • 2500 men die every year from prostate cancer in Sweden

The second variant is No-Shave-November. No-Shave-November is quite different from Movember in several ways. No-Shave-November is more like a competition. It developed as college contests to see who could amass the most facial hair within the month of November. It is originally not an organization or raises any money but it has turned into something that encourages people to raise money for things that similarly Movember raise money for. They have also adopted a portmanteau, called Noshember. (I personally think Movember sounds a lot cooler.) They have several websites that suggest different rules. A few examples are and http:// It seems to be a lot less organized and more free for interpretation. In this version of facial hair challenge you see personas more like Johnny the Lumberjack, Dumbledores and Abe Lincoln.

So some of you might have seen me around school and been wondering why the hell I have a nasty untrimmed beard that really makes me look like I am starting to live in a cave. THIS is why. I have signed up at Movembers website even though I am participating in No-Shave-November because I felt like their website was a lot more organized and trustworthy. I am not only doing a mustache because I personally don’t like mustaches and care too much about my appearance to only do that but my beard is coming along. If you want you can pledge me! Which pretty much means that you donate to the cause. I will keep you updated on how much I raise at the end of the month! I have pledges from several students and even some kind teachers! So if you were wondering why you’ve been seeing an increased amount of hair men in the past month… this is why.

Jesper Thunström



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