How to survive Model UN

Everyone at Bladins has heard of the notorious MUN and from day one the teachers nag you about “you will do this in year 2”, “you will do that in year 3”. You might think that the event is far away from now, and is nothing to worry about. Well, really, it’s not. However, time goes incredibly quick, and before you know it you’re panicking because you can’t find the proper clothes, or you don’t know how to phrase yourself while trying to come up with more of those operative clauses. But don’t you worry child, ‘cause da Bladins Times crew got news for you. MUN is one great opportunity, to both get more knowledge how the UN actually works AND to meet new people. But….

We will tell you ALL the important things you’ll need to know in order to survive Model United Nations that your teachers will never tell you about. Consider it as your own personal underground roadmap. Bring it with you to the role play, and we promise you won’t get lost.

– Coffee: There’s nothing to add. If you don’t drink coffee – learn to drink coffee. You’ll need it.


– Hot guys: Make sure that you find hot guys to look at during the sessions. They will make your life much easier. Also, try to get these hot guys to sign your resolution – or even better, ask them to be in your speakers chain. Free eye-candy for three days? Yum.

– Self-distance: Don’t be surprised if a fellow delegate decides to turn your resolution into a paper plane, compare it to a peeing dog, or accuse you of plagiarism. It’s all part of the game. In the heat of the moment youmight feel personally insulted, but at the end of the day we’ll guarantee you that these tidbits are what you’ll remember from MUN.

Observe North Korea: North Korea (oh, sorry, we mean The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) is in your roleplay? Congratulations. If the delegates are talented you are guaranteed to be in for some fascinating debates. 




Sleep: According to the United Nations, sleep is for the weak. Be prepared for long days and long nights. Therefore, take every chance you get to take a quick power nap: train rides, toilet breaks and bus stops are excellent places to recap on that sleep MUN will deprive you of.

– Nightmares: Also, be prepared. Just when you think it’s over, after the end of the role play, let me tell you, it’s not over. You will have dreams, nightmares even, about the presidium, the fellow delegates, and all the things you thought you would finally live without. If you’re lucky, the hot Cuban delegate will appear in your hot steamy dreams. I have not been lucky. Not yet.




– Dress code: You’ve heard of the dress code. And you’re teachers have probably told you that it is perfectly fine to borrow your parents’ clothes.


Please don’t. Style is essential at MUN. If you look sharp you’ll feel sharp. And since you are sharp, so why look like a sack of potatoes in a blazer three sizes too big? You’ll feel hundred times more comfortable when you go up in front of those few hundred people to give your speech if you feel comfortable in your clothes. Plus, when else do you get to look super important? Bizniz it is.

– Dress up: It might sound lame, but one thing that actually contributes to the fun of MUN is the dress up part. Whether you are arriving in a traditional greek toga (yum) or an indian turban, matching your outfit with your country definitely gives you ”extra” credit. Plus it makes it easier for you to embrace your role.





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