New Turbine Creates Energy From Sewage

LucidEnergy™ has developed water-pipes that have hydro-dynamic turbines connected to them, to be used in water pipes. When water flows through the pipes, energy is converted in the turbines. This has no effect on the nature other than normal water pipes, and is not reliant on weather as it’s a function that is maintained by humans. These water pipes are called The LucidPipe™.

LucidEnergy™ is a renewable energy technology company. It has developed a system that produces electricity from the flow of water through major pipelines throughout the world. All of this while not having any environmental impact nor being reliant on weather or other natural factors.



Energy is the single largest cost to delivering water, and if we can reduce that cost, then for anyone managing water infrastructure they can start to reduce that cost, be more efficient with their resources, and water can be more sustainable on the planet, says Gregg Semler, President and CEO of LucidEnergy™ in a video concerning the LucidPipe™. Semler argues that there are more aspects to implementing the LucidPipe™ other than financial. He thinks that implementing these sorts of technologies in infrastructures around the world could eventually help water sustainability.



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